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  • Graphic representation of data
  • Plan of action for improvement
  • Tracks student growth
  • Student-Teacher commitment
  • Reliable source of documentation


Diagnostic, Intervention, Progress-Monitor & Practice (DIPP)

Ubiquitous Educational Approach: Teachers customize educational challenges. Students challenge their Computational Skills (C-Skills) receiving immediate feedback and reporting scores to teachers in real time.

Reports: Educators analyze each C-Skill by using the following reports: Diagnostic (BOY-MO-EOY), Progress Monitor (Base Point - Progress Point), Tracking Progress (Initial-Middle-Final points comparison).

Rewards: They have credit for each exercise and can redeem it for a variety of incentives. Teachers can create their own incentives or use the ones provided by the system.

  • It does not require additional equipment
  • Suitable for 1st - 8th Grades
  • Teacher friendly

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