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Connecting the dots

Whether you are at home, at work or just chilling, Math is always present. Math is an integral part of our everyday life, even if we do not realize it. Let’s pause and take a moment to evaluate some of the various ways numbers impact our lives.

1. Commerce – We are a world of consumers. We make purchases every day. From small to large, we are using currency to do so. Ummm. . . . Currency involves numbers. !

2. Technology – Whether you realize it or not, no technology would exist without the use of numbers. Computers use a binary code which translates into code that keeps all computers and other technology available and accessible.

3. Entertainment – Who does not enjoy an outing with family and/or friends? We are social beings and sometimes forget that every outing involves some sort of mathematical interactions. From making an electronic payment to eating gourmet meal, it all involves numbers.

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